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For over 50 years, the Long Island Philosophical Society has hosted meetings and conferences on a host of philosophical topics.  The Society has held meetings at many institutions on geographic Long Island, including SUNY Stony Brook, Adelphi University, Molloy College, NYIT, St. John’s University, LaGuardia College, Long Island University’s Brooklyn and CW Post Campuses, Suffolk Community College, and SUNY Farmingdale, among others. 


It also hosts an online journal, CALIPSO (The Conference Addresses of the Long Island Philosophical Society Online), which publishes presentations made at LIPS conferences.







Spring 2017 Meeting

Saint John’s University – APRIL 1, 2017


Directions to Saint John’s University + Campus Map




Some Hotels Near Saint John’s University





Hotels near LaGuardia or Kennedy airports are a 10-15 cab ride from campus.

                  Car Service = Hillside (718) 739-2222 ;  Red Cap = (718) 658-5252


Conference Information:


a)    If a session chairperson is late please begin the session.  Anyone in attendance  can step in and chair a session.

b)   There is a requested donation of $20 to help defray conference expenses.  This is voluntary but very welcome.  Free to all members of the SJU community (students, faculty, staff, alumni, campus neighbors)

c)     Parking is free and ample on weekends.  The main gate (#1) is located on Utopia Parkway.  Upon entry you can consult with a security guard should you need help.

d)    Power Point is available for all lectures.  In case of technological problems please be prepared to proceed with your presentation.   Technical support will be on standby but time is of the essence.  (Please see relevant information at end of program.)

e)    Dining Alternatives:  https://new.dineoncampus.com/stjohns/where-to-eat



Conference Begins 8:00 am:  D’Angelo Center (DAC)


Conference Welcome – Leslie Aarons (CUNY LaGuardia Community College)


Breakfast/Registration:  8:00 a.m. – 9:00 am  (DAC Cafeteria – 1st floor)                                                                                    






(8:00 a.m. – 9:00 am)

DAC Cafeteria



Reverend Robert E. Lauder (St. John’s University)




Pope Francis’ Profound Personalism and Poverty


Copies of the book will be available for purchase and signing during the Breakfast period.



Note:  Session Chairs can decide whether it is prudent to hold questions to the end of the session, or whether a Q&A should follow each presentation.  Afternoon session rooms are at our disposal until 6:00 pm.  Thus afternoon sessions are allowed to go a little past their deadlines.





Morning Sessions – (9:00 am – Noon)    (DAC)



Session 1: Racism and Victimization


Chairperson: Leslie Aarons (LaGuardia Community College)         

Room = DAC 206


1. Howard Ponzer (Molloy College)  -  “A Cosmopolitan Approach to Racism in the United States”

2. Holly Alanna Maxwell-Stevenson (University of Iowa)  -  “The Ethics of Racial Slurs”  

3. Sung Jun Han (Queens University, Canada)  -  “Pragmatic and Deliberative Human Rights”

4. Manuel Rodeiro  (CUNY Graduate Center)  - “The Case of the Privileged Victim: A Defense of Non-Ideal Theory”




Session 2: Kantian Investigations


Chairperson: Francis Fallon (St. John’s University)

Room -  DAC 208


1. Bryan Hall (St. John’s University) – “Kant’s Post-Critical Theology”

2. Micah Bailey (University of Central Missouri) – “Kant’s Causal Appearing Argument”

3. Julian Katz (Tulane University) -  “Kant’s Bund’: A Voluntary Reading”

4. Christopher French (Suffolk County CC,  and Farmingdale) – “Schopenhauer and Kant: Teleology and the Meanings in Intentional Cognition”




Session 3: Forgiveness, Scholasticism, and Religion


Chairperson: Glenn Statile (St. John’s University)

Room = DAC 209


1. Marie George (St. John’s University) – “Forgiving Oneself When One Has Offended Others: A Thomistic Perspective”

2. Nora Jacobsen Ben Hammed (University of Chicago Divinity School) – “Split Reality: The Ontological Division Between the Intelligible and Sensible in Medieval Islamic Thought”

3. Jack Ryan (St. John’s University) – “The Gift of St. Bonaventure: An Examination of Jean-Luc Marion’s Givenness in Light of the Logos

4. Andrew Towers (Binghamton University) – “Neutral Monism in Consciousness-Only Buddhism”

Session 4: Ethics, Politics, and Ideology


Chairperson: Joe Jordan (Holy Apostles College and Seminary)

Room – DAC 306


1. Joe Jordan (Holy Apostles College and Seminary) – “Against the Idolatry of Ideology:  C.S. Lewis and ‘Joy’”

2. Aaron Schultz (Binghamton University) – “Examining the Right to Democracy”

3. Daniel Restrepo (St. John’s University) – “Rhetoric and the War on Terror”

4. Jeffrey Hastings (Binghamton University) – “Mass Incarceration, Functionalism, and Game Theory”




Session 5:  Philosophical Method, Wittgenstein, Discomfort and Happiness


Chairperson: Trent Hamann (St. John’s University)

Room – DAC 307


1.  Paul Gaffney (St. John’s University) – “Philosophy and Discomfort”

2. Jason Costanzo (Missouri Western State University) – “The Philosophical Concept: An Interpretation of Collingwood’s Account of Philosophical Methodology”

3. Anton Alterman (LIU Brooklyn) – “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Rescuing Wittgenstein from Resolutians and Communitarians”

4. Rocco Astore (CUNY College of Staten Island) – “Spinoza’s Ontology and the Meaning of Happiness”




Session 6: Science, Metaphysics, Volition, and the Liberal Society


Chairperson: Margaret Cuonzo (LIU Brooklyn)

Room =  DAC 406


1. Emmanuel Nartey (LaGuardia Community College) – “Naturalism, Knowledge and the Explanatory Limits of Science”

2. Daniel Robert MacDougall (CUNY College of Technology) – “Conceptions of Health in a Liberal Society: Thick or Thin?”

3.  Thomas Kivatinos (CUNY Graduate Center) – “The Unity of Determination and the Unity of Reality”

4. Olawunmi Cordelia Macaulay-Adeyelure  (Lagos State University, Nigeria) – “Pre-Natal Screening and the Ethics of Termination”


Session 7:  Ethical Investigations


Chairperson:  John F. DeCarlo (Hofstra University)

Room – DAC 407


1.  David Kaspar (St. John’s University) – “The New Kantian Dilemma”

2. Chryssoula Gitsoulis (CUNY City College) – “Utilitarian vs Rights-Based Constructions of Value”

3. Rob Lovering (CUNY College of Staten Island) – “On the Instrumentalization Argument Against Prostitution”

4. Whitley Kaufman (University of Massachusetts, Lowell) – “On the Necessity of Double Effect for Non-Consequentialist Ethics”




Session 8: Eudaimonia, Morality, and Pragmatism


Chairperson: Lowell Kleiman (SUNY Suffolk County Community College)

Room – DAC 408


1. Fernando Gazoni (University of Sao Paulo and Princeton University) – “The Aristotelian Fallacy Again  Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) Grant # = 2016/15726-5

2.  Barak Rosen (Yale University) – “The Puzzle of Moral Deference: A Reply to Paulina Sliwa

3.  Benjamin Rossi (University of Notre Dame) – “An Account of Standing to Blame”

4.  Ryan Marshall Felder (CUNY Graduate Center) – “Hyperbole and Truthfulness in Grice’s Pragmatism”




Session 9: Politics, Responsibility, and Compatibilism


Chairperson: Alina Feld (Hofstra University and General Theological Seminary)

Room = DAC 409


1. Paul Gyllenhammer (St. John’s University) – “The Alter-Globalization Perspectives of Heidegger and Sartre”

2. Cheri Carr (LaGuardia Community College) – “The Good Life of the Nomadic Subject: Or, How to Become the Radically Anti-Fascist Machine You Wish to See in the World”

3.  Peter Gildenhuys  (Lafayette College) – “The Institution of Responsibility”

4. Paul Rezkalla (Florida State University) – “Zygote Formers and Divine Controllers or (Theistic Compatibilism and Bullet-Biting)”



Session 10:  Phenomenology, Hegel’s Logic, Emotions


Chairperson: Eugene Kelly (NYIT)

Room – DAC 410


1.  Shannon Proctor (LaGuardia Community College) – “Addiction and the Experience of Time”

2.  Andrés Colapinto (CUNY BMCC) – “Event Semantics: A Phenomenological Critique”

3.  Sahar Heydari Fard (University of Cincinnati) – “A Conflict of Intuition About Emotions and Feelings”

4. Ken Foldes (St. John’s University) – “R.D. Winfield and Hegel’s Logic (“God Before Creation”): The Coming Revolution in Science and Knowledge”






Lunch:   Noon – 1:00 pm   (DAC Cafeteria)



Music – Professor Alexandra Honigsberg






KEYNOTE SESSION:  1:00 – 2:30 pm


(DAC 206)



                                  Introduction:            Glenn Statile (St. John’s University)




LIPS Poet Laureate:  Professor John F. DeCarlo  (Hofstra University)





Outstanding Chairperson Award:  Dr. Lowell Kleiman (SUNY Suffolk County 

                                                                                                   Community College)






     Keynote Speaker:    Brother Owen Sadlier, OSF (Saint Francis College)



       Spinoza’s “Bridge” to Philosophy:  Reflections on the Character of the Tractatus Theologico-Politicus







Afternoon Sessions  - (2:30 pm -5:00 pm)


Session 11: The Ethics of Work


Chairperson: Jason Costanzo (Missouri Western State University)

Room = DAC 206


1. Andrey Darovskikh (Binghamton University) – “Right to Employment and Duty to Work”

2. James Lethbridge (Binghamton University) – “Justification at Work: The Right to Justification in the Workplace”

3.  Robert Whelan (Binghamton University) – “Problematizing Employment as a Source of Respect”




Session 12:  Philosophy of Mind, Paradox, Ethics


Chairperson: Anton Alterman (LIU Brooklyn)

Room = DAC 208


1. Francis Fallon (St. John’s University) – “Dennett’s Realism About Consciousness: ‘Daring a Picture of Life’”

2. John F. DeCarlo (Hofstra University) – “Some Philosophical Implications on Recent Brain Science Research”

3.  Margaret Cuonzo (LIU Brooklyn) – “Paradox Today:  A Reply to Horgan

4. Michael Hatcher  (University of Southern California) – “Why Blameworthiness Requires Consciousness”




Session 13:  Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics


Chairperson = Basilio Monteiro (St. John’s University)

Room = DAC 209


1.  Basilio Monteiro (St. John’s University) and Neelesh Rastogi (St. John’s University)  – “Can AI in any way be Ethical?”

2.  Jacob Sparks (John Jay College) – “Moral Perception and Illusion”

3.  Sophie Berman (St. Francis College) – “Descartes on the Idea of the Infinite”

4. Gabrielius Banevicius (St. Joseph’s Seminary) – “An Overview of the Principle of Individuation According to St. Thomas Aquinas”



Session 14: Ethics, Philosophy of Mind


Chairperson: David Kaspar (St. John’s University)

Room = DAC 306


1. Katrina England (Binghamton University) – “Self-Effacement and the Moral Ideal”

2. John Jung Park  (Clemson University) – “Why Metaethical Non-Cognitivists Must be Committed to a Cognitive Component”

3. Louis Cona (St. Joseph’s Seminary) – “Saint Thomas Aquinas on Obediential Potency and Friendship with God”

4. Chad Mason Stevenson (University of Melbourne, Australia) – “Are Conflicting Intuitions a Problem for the Experience Machine?”




Session 15: Aesthetics, Ethics, Platonic Studies. Phenomenology


Chairperson: Daniel Restrepo (St. John’s University)

Room = DAC 307


1.  Joshua Hall (CUNY Queensborough CC) – “The Necessary Pain of Moral Imagination:  Richard Wright’s White Man Listen and Haiku

2.  Dana Trusso (LaGuardia Community College) – “Opening the Sluice-Gates:  Socrates as Pan”

3.   Chris Edwards (Independent Scholar)  - “Transfixed by the Reflection of a Conscious Wave:  The Role of Aesthetics in the Mythopoeic Articulation of Embodied Experience”

4.  Maxaie Belmont (St. John’s University)  - “Ritual and Joue:  A Phenomenological Analysis of the Aesthetic Plays by Culture in Relation to its Hierophanies




Session 16 : Ethical Investigations and Volition


Chairperson: Chryssoula Gitsoulis

Room = DAC 406


1. Nicholas Hall (Binghamton University) – “What Might Have Been: A Defense of the Counterfactual Account of Harm”

2.  Michael Dauber  (Long Island Jewish Medical Center) – “The Ethics of Animal Research and Uncertainty in Human Head Transplantation”

3.  Vasfi Onur Ozen (University of Kansas) – “In Defense of the Will as Thing-In-Itself”



Session 17: Environmental Ethics, Teilhard, Virtue


Chairperson:  Glenn Statile (St. John’s University)

Room – DAC 407


1.  Alina Feld (Hofstra University; General Theological Seminary) – “De Chardin and D.G. Leahy: Philosophical Foundations for Sustainable Living”

2. Leslie Aarons (LaGuardia Community College) – “Nurture Nature: Escaping the Anthropocene

3.   Sungwoo Um (Duke University) – “What is a Relational Virtue?







Reception:  (4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.)        (DAC Cafeteria)


LIPS Board of Directors: 



  1. Dr. Margaret Cuonzo (LIU Brooklyn) – Executive Director and Co-chairperson
  2. Dr. Leslie Aarons (LaGuardia CC) -  Co-Chairperson and Conference Organizer
  3. Dr. Anton Alterman (LIU, Brooklyn)
  4. Professor John F. DeCarlo (Hofstra University)
  5. Dr. Moti Mizrahi (Florida Institute of Technology)
  6. Dr. Howard Ponzer (Molloy College)
  7. Dr. Glenn Statile (St. John’s University)  - Co-Chairperson and Conference Organizer
  8. Dr. Francis Fallon (St. John’s University)



LIPS would like to thank Dr. Paul Gaffney (chairperson) and the Philosophy Department of  Saint John’s University for hosting the conference.


LIPS would also like to thank Margie De Felice (Administrative Assistant Extraordinaire) for her invaluable efforts in support of this conference.









Power Point, Audio Visual, and Wireless


All of the classrooms used for sessions at the conference are fully equipped to meet our conference needs.  The St. John’s University IT department is on standby to help with any equipment malfunctions, etc.


The following information is useful to know in case there is a lag in IT response time.


1.  Classroom support = X5845   (718) 990-5845

2.  To Log onto SJU A/V equipment:  login ID = sul214     and     password =  sul214       (both are the same)

3.  WiFi access =   sign in under ‘guest’

4.   If system is locked then:  click on ‘cancel’ in the middle of the screen – (under Login ID and 

     Password);  then ‘switch user’

5.  HDMI and VDA cables are available at each podium.




Upcoming Philosophy Events for the LIPS Community:


  1. Also on the horizon is the annual philosophy conference held at SUNY Suffolk Community College.  This year it will be held on the Ammerman campus on 04/29.  The theme is Consciousness and the two main speakers will be Christopher Hill (Brown University) and Katalin Balog (Rutgers University). Please contact Dr. Lowell Kleiman (kleimal@sunysuffolk.edu) if you might like to attend.  Lowell’s event is second to none.  A great way to end the academic year!