You are welcome to my personal Web site, where you will find information about some of my accomplishments.

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A native of Ghana in West Africa, I am an Assistant Professor of English at the Brooklyn Campus of the Long Island University, New York, where I began teaching in fall 2008. I successfully completed my doctoral program in English Studies (bringing together the diverse disciplinary areas such as rhetoric and composition, linguistics, literature, and pedagogy) at the Illinois State University, Normal, IL., in August 2008.

My specialty is technical and professional communication, focusing on the role of "World Englishes" in the professional training of native English speakers for discursive functions in cross-boundary communication, esepcailly in international technical communication.

My Hobbies

I spend my leisure time enjoying the best that my life offers me. Some of my hobbies include:

  • Sports (soccer, volleyball, and ping-pong);
  • Music (I play the bass guitar and love African/Ghanaian and Western Gospel songs, reggae, traditional Ghanaian highlife, and anything else but Hip Hop or Rap);
  • Gardening; and
  • Bird watching.

I hope this Web site will serve your purposes. Enjoy your rounds.