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Instruction Manual Peer Review and Usability Report

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Instruction Manual


In addition to the two peer reviews of your Instruction Manual drafts, you will conduct some form of user-focused evaluation of your Instruction Manual draft(s) and write a Report presenting the results and their implications for your Manual's writing and design.

Report Format

Using the same familiar IMRaD format as you used with your Blueprint's Usability Report, write a 500-to-1000-word Report (not counting the words in the Appendix) on the two in-class peer reviews and the out-of-class user-focused evaluation of your Instruction Manual drafts:
  1. Introduction: In a few lines, briefly introduce the peer reviews, the user-focused evaluation, and this Report.
  2. Method: Briefly describe the peer review procedures and, in more detail, describe and justify the procedures of your user-focused evaluation. Mention any variables that may have influenced your results, such as a noisy testing environment, a malfunctioning watch, etc. Also describe potentially important demographic characteristics of the participants that you are aware of, such as their education, but do not name the participants (instead, use "participant A," etc.).
  3. Results: Describe in detail what was found during the peer reviews and user-focused evaluation, focusing on areas of significant strength and significant weakness. Present the evidence both of the Manual drafts and of your recorded notes on participants' behavior and/or speak-aloud comments. Consider presenting both quantitative data (such as durations) and qualitative data (such as participants' speak-aloud protocol and feedback). You may find it convenient to refer readers to the documentary evidence in the Appendix.
  4. Discussion: Assess the Results and their validity and reliability, and discuss their implications for your Instruction Manual writing and design. Describe what changes have been made to your Instruction Manual to optimize its usability. You need not re-write your draft in response to every review comment or testing result, but you should show how you justify your writing and design decisions in response to the feedback.
  5. Appendix: Label and attach your Instruction Manual drafts, including the final draft that you are submitting for a grade.
ENG 510 Syllabus Schedule Assignments
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