Access to Research Comprehension and Careers
Become Part of a Learning Community!

     The Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University is proud to announce it has received a $3 million, six year grant from the United States Department of Education to promote graduate opportunities for under-represented minorities and low income students in the fields of biology and chemistry.   The Access to Research Comprehension and Careers (ARCC) program not only emphasizes personal mentoring and academic enrichment for students working toward a Masters Degree, but also elevates opportunities for students to achieve financial self-reliance. 
      Encouraging participating students to persist and graduate, the ARCC Program is designed around a rigorous and motivating curriculum with embedded research activities that culminate in a Masters Degree in Biology or Chemistry.  Embracing bold new initiatives, ARCC faculty and ARCC student scholars come together as a learning community to synthesize scientific knowledge that will inform every step of their understanding and research.
     The ARCC Program builds and expands on the already rigorous and relevant education provided in our Masters degree programs of interdisciplinary research skills; moreover it also provides important learning outcomes to help students become successful communicators and leaders in their field.  In order to further this goal, the ARCC Program Provides:

  • Full Tuition Remission!
  • A $12,000 per year Stipend!
  • Travel Money to Attend Scientific Meetings!
  • Funding for Research Supplies!
  • Unique and Innovative Courses and Activities!
  • A Laptop Computer!

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